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Tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the Earth atmosphere daily and it stays there for centuries. Millions of tons of accumulated in the atmosphere carbon dioxide provoke the Earth’s temperature increase what causes notorious “global warming”. The effective way to save the Earth from global warming is switching from existing technologies to alternative ones, which don’t emit carbon dioxide but at the same time are equally productive.

In the future the significance growth of alternative energy sources will be related to climate change, population increase, and especially depletion.

Having thoroughly examined alternative energy issue, Premium Engineering Ltd. starts its active plan implementation on project development in this sphere.

Premium Engineering introduces the innovative technologies to the industrial equipment market of Ukraine and CIS countries. We have been providing engineering, project management, supervised installation as well as equipment supply services since 2005. Our company has been monitoring alternative energy market since 2012, and in 2013 we have started implementing our plans concerning active project development and partners search in this particular sphere. We are interested in developing the Ukrainian alternative energy market and are ready to use our potential to reach this goal.

Every day the Ukraine’s need for energy market diversification increases rapidly. Alternative energy projects have gained support from the government. A wide range of bills have been passed which stimulate the development of this branch. In particular the “green tariff” has been approved. It is one of the highest tariffs in the world; as a result it has triggered a rapid alternative energy growth within the last few years. According to the resolution of National Electricity Regulatory Commission of Ukraine No.529 passed on 19 June, 2005 the green tariff is 0.465 Euro per 1kW excluding VAT. The following companies are large investors of the Ukrainian alternative energy: Activ Solar (Austria), SunElectra (Israel), Ekotechnik Praha (the Czech Republic), Vindkraft (Norway), DTEK (Ukraine). For instance, Activ Solar company (Austria) has already invested in its Ukrainian project more than a billion euros and continues investing into this branch. According to predictions of specialists, the volume of investments into renewable energy sources in Ukraine will be about 5 billion dollars before 2015.

It is the right time to develop the alternative energy market in Ukraine. Therefore, we need a partner who has both technologies and projects in this sphere; a partner who can join us in taking the niche on the rapidly growing market.

From our side we offer the following:

• A strong team team (engineer-technician workers, sales managers and negotiators, highly experienced specialists who have a wide experience of working on the markets of Ukraine and CIS countries);

• Knowledge of the Ukrainian market (good ties with Ukrainian and Russian industrial enterprises, research, engineering and installation companies);

• Knowledge of the legal system and ties with state authorities (state level lobbying of the indispensable decisions for project development);

• Our own logistic resources   (a warehouse in Zaporozhye (industrial and logistic center of Ukraine), well-established established routes of equipment delivery to Ukraine, experience in customs clearance and obtaining of necessary licenses);

• Well-established distribution network network for equipment and consumable material sales in the industrial sector of Ukraine;

• Consulting and marketing support (market research activities, product promotion, etc.)


                  We are ready to collaborate and are looking forward to your feed-back.