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Premium Engineering LTD offers services in the sphere of equipment complex supplies and project works accomplishing for the main metallurgical production area.

In the tight cooperation with our European partners – the leading plants –manufacturers of technological equipment, we suggest the leading technological solutions in the following directions:

Blast furnace production

• equipment for the blast furnaces (valves of hot and cold air blast);

• No-bell top for blast furnaces;

• gas-expanding utilization turbines for the blast furnace gas;

• Large spectrum of the equipment for the cast house.

Agglomerative production.

• designing and complex delivery of aspiration systems and gas cleaning;

• exhaust fans for the agglomerating and cooling areas;

• hot material transport systems.

Converter production

• exhausted fans for the converter gas retreat from steelmaking converter of different capacity.

Mill products

• power hydraulic equipment;

• hydraulic controlling systems;

• electrical machinery (drive, electric motor, frequency converter);

• orming roll, elements of roller conveyor (roller, supporting structure).

Water and gas economy

• tower-cooling;

• shutoff and control valves;

• self-cleaning bag filter;

Transport and stocking of granular material

• storage bunker discharge devices;

• reclaimer, stacker, wagon discharge systems;

• a large spectrum of conveyed equipment: tabulated, chain, tubular belt conveyor.

• Pneumatic conveying system.

Capacity of provided services

Our company suggest the full complex of services on reconstruction and modernization of productive capacities «ready-to-operate»:

• project works;

• equipment delivery, including custom clearance and delivery to the store house of buyer;

• the assembling of delivered equipment;

• commissioning and start-up and staff training to operate the equipment;

• guarantee and after guarantee services of supplied equipment.

On the base of the gathered experience and tight partners relations with the leading projects centers of Europe and CIS countries, our experts are ready to suggest their solutions on modernization of existing metallurgical equipment and capital development of the new technological lines on the basis of the client technical tasks.

We look forward to working with new partners!