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MOELLERMoeller Group is a German concern with a headquarter in Bonn, Germany. With its operations all over the world the concern works in the sector of the electrical equipment and industrial electronics. Now Moeller Group is represented in more than 90 countries as 32 commercial enterprises and more than 350 commercial offices and distribution partners.

Concern has been producing equipment consisting of more than 50 thousands products, grouped by the main business units:

  • Building automation
  • Automatic circuit breakers
  • Control devices
  • Control and protecting of electrical drivers
  • Industrial automation

In connection with the wide range of products the areas of their application can be divided into following markets:

  • machine-building industry and equipment of the factories
  • civil engineering
  • Industrial engineering and development of infrastructure
  • Woodworking industry
  • Packing and logistic industry
  • Power generation
  • Telecommunications

"Premium Engineering" Ltd. is looking forward to offer you full range of electrical equipment provided by MOELLER.



Control and visualization. All for the automation of manufacturing. Program logic controllers (PLC), panels, I/O systems, control relays etc.



Switching equipment

Innovative solutions of electro drive's control. Full range of equipment for electro drive switching: from contactors and busbar systems to soft starters and frequency-regulated drive.



Control and indications devices.

Position switches LS-Titan, switches, T rotary switches and P switch-disconnectors, signal light equipment, finger sensor M22_ESA



Control system NZM and IZM

Solutions that allow controlling the equipment from any place via Internet enable having high level of operational efficiency and control with minimal costs.



Medium voltage switchgear

They are characterized by the high level of the operating safety and suitable to be used in systems of power distribution with the voltage up to 24 kV. Wide range of modules with the load-break switches, vacuum switches, safety devices and transformers enable realizing any goals of the power distribution.



More information on the manufacturer's website MOELLER