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gas and oil


Our company carries out its activity in several basic directions:

Manufacturing of spare parts for gas-compressor to units (General Electric, Nuovo Pignone):

•          Directing vanes (MS3002, MS5002);

•          Working vanes of the high pressure turbine (MS3002, MS5002);

•          Working vanes of the turbine of low pressure turbine (MS3002, MS5002);

•          Segments of high pressure turbine nozzle assembly (MS3002, MS5002);

           Restoring repair of spare parts for gas-compressor units (General Electric, Nuovo Pignone), (Joint-Stock Company «Nevskiy zavod, UTG-2500 (Joint-Stock Company «Zorya Mashproekt»):

•          nozzle diaphragms of the unit (MS3002), I (MS 5002);

•          segments of shroud-blocks overlapping (MS3002), (MS 5002);

•          vanes of the unit (MS3002) and (MS 5002);

•          HPT working vanes of the unit (MS3002), (MS 5002);

•          LPT working vanes of the unit (MS3002), (MS 5002);

•          Covering HPT and LPT plates of the unit (MS3002), (MS 5002);

•          HPT working vanes of the unit

•          LPT working vanes of the unit

Throughout the year 2009 under the contracts concluded the repairs of the following objects for needs of Production Repair-Technical Enterprise «Ukrgasenergoservice», Affiliated Company «Ukrtansgas», National Joint-Stock Company «Nafitogaz of Ukraine» have been executed:

•          Restoring repair of the nozzle diaphragms of the unit - 4 sets;

•          Restoring repair of the HPT working vanes of the unit - 2 sets;

•          Restoring repair of the HPT working vanes of the unit -4-6 sets;

•          Restoring repair of the LPT working vanes of the unit - 5 sets;

•          Restoring repair of the segments of shroud-blocks overlapping - 4 sets;

•          Restoring repair of the covering HPU plates of the unit - 4 sets;

•          Restoring repair of the covering LPU plates of the unit - 4 sets

- Designing, performance and delivery of ADS Systems "on a turn-key basis" for automation of compressor stations, gas-compressor units, gas-distributive stations and other units of different types on the basis of SIEMENS equipment:

- Delivery of shut-off and control valves for the main high pressure gas pipelines DU up to 1400 mm, Pu up to 250 bar

- Delivery of the special equipment for the gas industry, produced in Ukraine :

•          Complete GCU and GDS (cabinet-type and block-type gas-distributive units);
These units are designed to reduce high and average pressure of natural gas in gas-supply systems of the industrial and agricultural enterprises and household premises from 0,6 MPa up to 0,002 MPa. Processing equipment includes two reduction lines. There are latches (on input and on output), a filter, a pressure regulator and instrumentations installed serially on each line. Throughput capacity at input pressure 0,6 MP - not less than 1500 m3/hour.

•          Filters - separators GSF produced by Science and Research Company «ROBIKON»  (Ukraine, Kiev)

Gas filter-separator GSF is designed:

-           For purifying of nonaggressive gases, natural gas, gas-air mixtures and air of solid-state mechanical impurities, aerosol and condensed moisture, oil and other mechanical pollutions;

-           For protection against premature deterioration and incapacitation of:

1.         gas-distributive units equipment (GDU);

2.         gas-measuring units equipment GMU;

3.         equipment of units of measurement of fuel gas of compressor stations CS;

4.         gas pressure regulators on reduction units.

-           For purifying technological and fuel gas on compressor plants gas turbines while it is supplied to gas-compressor unit;

-           To protect gas meters of all types, gas pressure regulators of all types, sensors and instruments of control and operating system as well as other processing equipment of gas- distributive stations compressor stations gas-distributive units, which "suffer" from work with the "polluted" environment;

•          Turbo-expander technical equipment produced by Open Joint-Stock Company "TURBOGAS" (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk)

-           researches, development and implementation of turbo-expander plants, in particularly:

-           low-temperature turborefrigerating expansion units in natural gas low-temperature separation plants and in utilization power plants;

-           turbo-expander plants for transformation of surplus gas pressure on gas-distributive stations, gas-distributive units and compressor units into electric energy;

•          Gas-field equipment:

-           Mobile plants for natural gas boreholes research, is designed for operative borehole nxr research without gas release in atmosphere.

-           Complex of gas odorization «Odotronik» is used in gas-distributive units/stations structure of gas mains and designed for the odorant dosed input in the natural gas, assigned for the consumers.

-           Installation of gas complex preparation - 220 -25, is designed for gas preparation for transportation to various consumers and receiving of stable condensate under the scheme of low-temperature separation using cold due to throttle - effect or turbo- expander unit.

•          Equipment of antirust gas mains protection, cathodic protection stations:

Cathodic protection stations provide effective protection of heating systems, oil pipelines, gas mains, waterpipes and other underground metal constructions against electrochemical corrosion in different operating modes.

•          Equipment and complete manufactured by Joint-Stock Company " Sumygasmash "

Auto gas-filling compressor stations AGFCS (model: M-140 - 500) created on the basis of equipment produced by Open Joint-Stock Company "Sumygasmash" is designed for cars, buses, special transport and agricultural machinery refueling by compressed natural gas (methane).

•          Gas-distributive station type «Drogobych» (automated gas-distributive station); «Drogobych» of productivity from 2 thousand m3/hour up to 160 thousand m3/hour.

These stations are designed for gas supply under certain pressure, of necessary purifying and odorization degree in specified amounts of consumption.

•          Gas purifying and drainage plants.

Gas purifying and drainage block is one of main blocks which is a part of a block- complete gas-distributive stations.

Gas purifying is carried out in battery cyclonic dedusters which are mounted parallel (one is working and the other is reserve).

Block design provides both automatic and manual condensate drain. Factory makes three standard sizes of gas purifying blocks:

•          Abrasive purifying complexes APC-1,

are designed for qualitative purifying of oil and gas pipelines surfaces, welded joints and other surfaces from corrosion products, old covering, organic and inorganic substances as well as carrying out small volumes welding-cutting works

•          Gas heaters GH of Joint-Stock Company Science-Production Enterprise "FAKEL", (Ukraine, Fastov),

are designed for heating and automatic maintenance of the specified temperature of natural, associated petroleum and artificial gas not containing aggressive impurities, before throttling on gas-distributive stations (GDS), compressor stations (CS), gas mains and for other warm gas consumers with the purpose to increase the processing equipment works reliability.

•          Drilling tools

-           Adapters for stand of drilling pipes;

-           Adapters;

-           elevators designed for capture and holding by weight a drilling or casing columns during lifting operations;

- Performance of contract works on gas-transport system objects

•          Design, implementation, delivery "on a turn-key basis" of video observation and security systems on gas-transport system objects with the use of modern technologies and the newest equipment;

•          Equipment installation (GDS, measuring complexes, ASC and etc.)