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VAGIt is difficult to imagine the water supplying and water removal sector without VAG equipment. For more than 135 years VAG valves have been installing where accumulation, preparation and distribution of water is needed.

With wide range of innovative products the company integrates the global standards and works out solutions for the water and sewage technique.

One can hardly find today the enterprise in water industry which doesn't use the VAG valves. The VAG valves endure the high water pressure, extremely temperatures and weather conditions. Long-term life span of VAG valves makes the valves more cost-effective.

At the same time VAG operates as partner in terms of solutions designing for water circulating systems installed at the industrial and power plants. Chemical and steel production as well as power and nuclear plants can be joined together by one common feature presented via high safety requirements.

The main task of VAG is to design cost-effective, modern technological solutions differing from standard one e.g. check valve for the hydraulic shock preventing, gate valve and plunge valve included in category of the emergency valve that opens or closes quickly with hydraulic drive and counterbalance.

The VAG valve's technologies enable to regulate the pressure in the pipe-line that results in water losses reduction. Assortment of the VAG production is constantly widening at the expense of alternative materials using e.g. polyethylene

Using the flexible manufacturing methods and background knowledge, we will help you and develop reliable, efficient and cost-effective individual solution. Using these solutions you will get rid of many problems.



EEKOplus with rubber line wedge, DN 40-600

IKOplus DN 40-300
KFS, KOS DN 350-1200
ZETA Knife gate valve DN 50-1000
BAIOplus system DN 80-200



Valve for sewage

Sluice gate valves

EROX DN 150-2000
ERI DN 150х150 – 1200х1200
ERI XL 1200x1200 – 3000x3000
VAG channel penstock 1000х1000 – 6000х3000




series Nova 284
Nova 1885
Nova 150
Nova Niro
series Hydrus



Fittings for buildings connect

series TERRA

VAG BETA®-HA Gate valve

TERRA M1 Tapping Bridge

VAG clamping belt

VAG TERRA®-K1 tapping bridge

VAG TERRA®-K3 tapping bridge

VAG TERRA®-K2 tapping bridge

VAG TERRA®-K4 tapping bridge

VAG TERRA®-K1 tapping bridge

Welded seating

VAG HADE® Flap Valve



Butterfly valves

EKN type DN 150 – 4000 double eccentricity

CEREX300 DN 50-600, centric butterfly valve



Air valves and control valves

TWINJET® Automatic Air Valve DN 50-300
VAG DUOJET® Automatic Air Valve DN 50-200
VAG FLOWJET® PE Automatic Air Valve DN 50-200
VAG Spring Loaded Air Valve DN 300 – 800
Plunger valve DN 150-2000
Automatic control valve DN 50-600



Non-return valves

SKR DN 200-1200
Type AW DN 50-800
Ball check valve DN 50-200




ROTAG system – accessories for control of valve
VAG Teleskop Stem Extension
Surface box
Hand wheel set



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