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Премиум Инжиниринг - Testimonials of the participants of the conference


20 October 2011

Testimonials of the participants of the conference

Aleksandr Bessarabov


Aleksandr Tkalych

    Aleksandr Tkalych,

    Acting Technical Director of the Scientific and manufacturing enterprise «Dneproenergostal» Ltd:

    - It is necessary to say that «Premium Engineering» made a right choice of the path, which our metallurgists should follow now. The modernization of such sector as agglomeration and blast-furnace practice, is highly important for our metallurgists, who faces the difficulties while integrating the expensive eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies. The passivity of the owners of the enterprises doesn't allow us to take advantage of our science-based resources. Our researches become abandoned, despite their low price in compare with foreign countries. Due to such conferences which help us to clear out the current circumstances during the personal contacts and exchange of information. The advantage of such activities is obvious, and I am sure that the useful effect of such meeting will not keep us waiting long.


Aleksandr Il'uhin

    Aleksandr Il'uhin,

    Acting chief of agglomeration department of the Integrated Iron and Steel Works «Zaporizhstal» JSC:

    - We arrived with delegation to this conference. Yesterday, we had a fruitful discussion concerning the blast-furnace production. Today I'm waiting to hear the representatives from Venti Oelde Company, which are the experts in the sphere of gas cleaning equipment production. In particularly, in the implementation of blow fans in extreme conditions. Such as in the agglomeration sections. We have been already familiar with this Company before and even we have already concluded some contracts. And we have already planned the further perspectives for the future cooperation. But the conclusions we will make after closing of the conference.


Peter Herrmann

    Peter Herrmann,

    Representative of the Venti Oelde Company:

    - It should be noted the high productiveness of this conference. For the first time of our work in Ukraine we could call together the representatives from different companies, participants of the market. I think it's a great achievement of the Premium Engineering Company. Before we had to work separately with everyone. After crisis the most of enterprises in Ukraine started «to awake» in their wish to make investments in a new technological equipment. The Ukrainian market has a lot of perspectives. We feel the interest of the metallurgists to our propositions. And we have already started the direct cooperation with «Zaporizhstal» JSC. We signed the contract concerning delivery and installation of fan exhauster for sintering section of the Plant. And we hope this is only a beginning. We have some challenging projects to implement during the near three – four years. We view the true perspectives and we are working under their fulfillment.


Vadym Mantula

    Vadym Mantula,

    Deputy General Director of UkrSSEC "Energostal", Director of scientific-research institute "Energostal":

    - This is a very worthwhile conference and a great initiative. Because thus the monopolization is excluded. The participants become acquainted with the new devices in direct contact with certain producers, who can give the competent answer or give an advisory opinion in any range of problems. I want to admit the high level of professionalism of the foreign experts. Currently, we will carry out the deeper analyze of obtained information, and we will take decision. I can only say that we have the ideas already.


Franz Jozef Irnich

    Franz Jozef Irnich,

    Representative of Z&J Technologies GmbH Company:

    - We are very interested in the Ukrainian market. We hope on the future cooperation with your blast-furnace workers. After all, many enterprises carry out the reconstruction works of the blast-furnace production. And we see the expressed interest towards our production and our opportunities in general. Moreover, your metallurgists urgently need to avoid the energy intensive equipment. And I felt the amazement of participants, when they saw the indicators of the efficiency of our equipment at Linz Plant. The certain example often becomes more convincing than advertisement brochures. For example, the fact that during implementation of our equipment we can save 20 kg of coke on every ton of cast iron production, which makes the owners of enterprises to recognize it. That's why the coke saving technology sounds as the most important argument which proofs the practical use of our equipment. What is more, we start cooperation in this sphere with « EVRAZ DMZ Petrovskogo » JSC and «Azovstal Iron & Steel Works». Сoncerning other urgent issues we are going to work with blast-furnace workers from Zaporozhstal. And this is a real perspective. Our benefits are – reliability, low price, and efficiency.


    Aleksey Zotov,

    The leading expert of agglomeration and blast-furnace production of «Ukrprompererabotka» Corporation:

    - We have been working since a long time, and it seemed that there no more secrets which we didn't know while producing the cast iron. Neither for us, nor for other experts in the cast iron industry. Nevertheless, we participate in this conference with a great pleasure, where everything is elaborated and taken into consideration. There are no bounds to the improvements. The problem of charge loading has being existed since the time of blast-furnace production development. And as we have convinced, the new solution was found, which was implemented on the Austrian Plant and which turned out to be enough efficient, which was confirmed by the clients. When we come to Mariupol, there will be something to discuss and to advice our decision-takers.


    Aleksandr Shihov,

    Chief of the blast-furnace department of «Kramatorsk Ferroalloy Plant».

    - Even when conference has not been finished yet, I understand – I came not in vain. At present time our plant is solving the range of difficult, but interesting tasks. We study the experience which we have and we search for the new solutions. While, it is early to talk about something not to spoil anything. I would like to mention that here we have already found the partners, with whom we intend to work.  


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