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Премиум Инжиниринг - No-Bell Top Charger for Blast Furnaces

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No-Bell Top Charger for Blast Furnaces


    - New compact design

    - Simple Exchange

    - No modification of steel construction or belt feeder system

    - Low investment cost

    - Decrease of reduction agent consumption

    - Systematic, controllable distribution of material

    Z&J Technologies' new compact Top Charger ensures the simple exchange of a furnace-top double bell for a no-bell top. The usual modification of the steel construction of the blast furnace necessary for such changes is no longer required as well as the modifications at the skip- or belt feeder system.

    In addition to low investment costs, the economic advantages of a no-bell top can be benefitted from after a short time of reconstruction work. These advantages are the extension of the blast furnace operating capacity as well as a decrease of the reduction agent consumption due to a systematic distribution of material. The loads on the gearbox are minimized because the chute does not require any lowering- or lifting movements.

    This ensures a failure- and maintenance-free operation of the Top Charger.