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Vestas AircoilVestas aircoil – open cooling towers and dry coolers of up to 32000 kW. Vestas aircoil cooling towers are made for long-term exploitation with the minimal service requirements.





Dry coolers /radiator coolers

Dry cooler construction consists of the radiator from the ribbed pipes with cooled water flow inside. Water cooling is made via heating up the air. In this case the air temperature is lower than the cooling limit.

Dry coolers include standard models consisting of heat exchanger (coil pipe) with high fan. The construction has an essential versatility and enables modifications in compliance with the customers' requests.

Dry coolers Vestas can be up to 10 m length and 2,4 m width. Bigger units are made via disposition of some coolers on the same foundation.




Vestas Aircoil


Open cooling towers.

Cooling towers offer the cheapest, the most efficient and the most natural method to cool water. In a cooling tower, water flows against an airflow down a liner with a large surface area. When water is in direct contacts with air, a little amount of water evaporates, thereby cooling the remained circulating water. The cooling water may be typically cooled below the air temperature.

Cooling towers may be successfully used in industries using cooling water e.g. in technological cooling processes, cooling of condensers, hydraulic oil, autoclaves, evaporators, extruders, fermenters and engine testing beds.

Vestas Aircoil


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